Hrrrl Scouts

Hi! Hrrrl Scouts is a club for feminist malcontents and cool dogs based in Fiarbanks, Alaksa. We launched in February 2017. We promote equity through community activism. We just completed our first quarter and our events have included: intersectional brunch, book clubs, Women's Day rally, Bake Sale, a bike-fix clinic, letter writing campaigns (both letters to the editor and to politicians), and supporting other local organizations. We want to provide a space that is a fun way for people to be involved in community activism, meet other people that are working to improve their community, and promote intersectional feminism. We self-publish a quartlerly zine that discusses aspects of feminism, showcases local art, and highlights members of the community.

My friend, Hannah, and I had talked a lot in the past about starting Hrrrl Scouts, but never as a thing we thought we'd actually do. After the election, however, we wanted a way to feel like there was some way we were actively working to effect change for good around us. Apparently others were feeling the same as well, because we have had a much larger response to Hrrrl Scouts than we were anticipating. It's really taken off in the first quarter and has good momentum we can carry forward.

Ֆինանսավորված Seattle, WA կողմից (May 2018)