Wigzee Wool - Creates with love

The Wigzee Wool project is were children's wigs are handmade and donated to local children undergoing hospital treatments. This is a concept I discovered on an American website. The response from the children and their families inspired me to make wigs for children locally here in Liverpool. Children's scalps are too sensitive and it is difficult for them to find a traditional wig that does not irritate or cause them discomfort. I use gentle, comfy, warm and soft natural yarn that does not cause any of the other problems associated with traditional wigs. The handmade wigs I make are embellished with sparklies to give a little girl a sense of magic and princess about her. Not only are wigs designed for comfort but they also give hours of playful magical fairytale fun to little princesses and princes who are poorly.

I am at present talking with Alder Hey Children's hospital in Liverpool with regards to making them for the children attending the Onocolgy Clinic.

I am making princess wigs for little girls and prince hats for boys. The children are able to play and have fun with the wigs whilst they are going through a tough time.

The wigs are machine washable and able to endure hours of playful times. They are gift wrapped with a hand written personal card.

My aim is to create wigs and create wig-making workshops where people from Liverpool can come together to volunteer their time and love to create magic for our local children.

The wigs are handmade to a high standard complying with government labelling guidelines. There are different sizes to suit all age groups. The children will be able to choose from a variety of styles and can even design their own.

I have made and funded 25 wigs already and realise this is a tiny proportion of wigs compared to the amount of children who would benefit from them.

I hope your organisation can help with this project and together we can put a smile on a child's face.

Ֆինանսավորված Liverpool կողմից (June 2017)