AWEC Dance Marathon

"This generation fighting for the next". That's how Gemma Tompkins won the hearts of the trustees of Annapolis to support her pitch for the IWK Children's Miracle Network dance marathon fundraiser being held at AWEC on May 4th. The dance marathon brings the community together, from adults to children, in raising money, supporting a good cause, having fun, and raising awareness. 100% of the funds raised stay local and support local kids. They invited the other local high schools to join them to make the event bigger and reach a larger audience. They are hoping to be able to make this an annual event with setting even bigger goals for raising money next year than the $10K they're aiming for this year. There will not only be a dance, but zumba, face painting, crafts with the IWK kids, food, bouncy castles, and much much more. Join them - May 4th.

Ֆինանսավորված Annapolis, NS կողմից (April 2017)