Salt Marsh Farm Agroforestry Project

Liz Jaeger and Edgar Foudray are the co-owners of Salt Marsh Farm of Gloucester & Essex MA. Working on leased land around Cape Ann, Liz and Edgar strive to improve environmental health on local landscapes through the ecological applications of intensive livestock grazing systems and the planting of perennial fruit and nut-bearing trees and shrubs. The Salt Marsh Farmers believe that good, wholesome food can be grown locally while improving the environmental quality of Cape Ann's diverse landscape. Educating people about Agroforestry practices is one of the multiple benefits of the Salt Marsh Farm Agroforestry Project. Residents of Cape Ann can benefit from taking part in the Agroforestry Project by planting fruit trees and nut-bearing shrubs at the residences and in public community greenspaces.

Ֆինանսավորված Gloucester, MA կողմից (February 2017)