W.A.G.E. Presents B.A.E.

W.A.G.E. = We All Gone Eat
B.A.E. = Body Art Experience

WAGE is a new collective of artists seeking to change the damaging narrative of the "starving artist". B.A.E. is a showcase of artwork in various genres and mediums that amplify the beauty of the human body and what it can do.

Imagine a soundscape that shifts the energy toward exploration of the artistic mind of each artist participating. The space will be curated to included elements such as body movement artistry, live body paint, live figure model drawings, live jewelry making and presentation, circus arts, etc.

The hope is to bring together various genres exploring body art in a cohesive and entertaining way. No nudity, though some implied nudity may call for this to be an 18 plus event.

Ֆինանսավորված North Minneapolis, MN կողմից (January 2017)