Ypsi March for Love, Resilience, and Action

We are a group of citizens planning a March in Ypsilanti on Inauguration Day as we grieve, resist, create, & celebrate our ability to flourish, using strengths from our diverse ancestors. We’ll march to mobilize, to prepare creatively for what’s to come, to focus on local issues and build local resilience, and to develop the interconnections between isolated silos in Ypsi. In the face of the coming administration, we plan to begin as we mean to go on.

Monday Jan 16, Marchers will support Ypsilanti Community Schools' teens in their plan for a Martin Luther King Jr Day silent procession and art show commemorating Frederick Douglass. Our group will stand to support and witness the teens’ expression of grief, resistance, and creativity.

Friday Jan 20, we will have an evening coffee-house to join and prepare for the march, share music, make banners and signs, and express our response to the election. With food and song, we’ll join together in an accessible space.

Saturday Jan 21, our March route will pass by Ypsilanti locales that honor abolitionists, women of color, and others from targeted communities who have lived and thrived with bravery and creativity. A community art performance will celebrate our people power as WE inaugurate OUR vision for an interconnected future. We then offer a community gathering space weaving a web between resources like: voter registration and education; unions sharing their stories and educating on how folks can mobilize in their workplaces; a cozy space for breast-feeding and access to W.I.C.; NOW Washtenaw County; our local farmers and permaculture community sharing knowledge and seeds; a supervised child-play area; Planned Parenthood's project "Share your story about reproductive justice"; the Ypsi Hour Exchange; the Ypsilanti Sidewalk Project; and more.

Ֆինանսավորված Ann Arbor, MI կողմից (January 2017)