San Jose Rocks

San Jose Rocks is a tactical community street art project. This is a “catch and release” program for manufactured river rocks. I will purchase 100 river rocks and prepare them to be painted.


I'm going to find an all-ages location and set up a "San Jose Rocks" Party and invite the community to paint a rock with whatever they want. Bikes, silly faces, tacos, literally whatever the people want. For those less artistically inclined, we'll be purchasing tiny stencils for immediate satisfaction. Before the end of the event, the rocks will be redistributed and participants will be instructed to leave them in public spaces around the city.

Painted on the back of every rock will include the instagram handle @SanJoseRocks. This way, people can take pictures and locate some of these fun "Easter Eggs". This community project in tactical urbanism allows everyone to feel like a street artist with harmless cheeky mischief and city pride.

Ֆինանսավորված San Jose, CA կողմից (December 2016)