Karma and Crow Cafe and Studio Collective

My business partner and I are converting a warehouse into a cafe and artist studio space 5 minutes from the CBD. We're nearing completion of our project but we're almost out of funds. We are dedicated to using recycled goods wherever possible in our fit out, eco friendly packaging and all our appliances are green. Our mission is to create a community within our building. We are focussed on delivering an art space with diversity in it's occupants so that each occupant can bring with them their own connections, skills and know-how and share these things with the other occupants. We also offer creative people an opportunity to make money and impart knowledge with an area dedicated to workshops attached to the studio area. So far we have an acclaimed painter, a tattoo artist, a comic artist, a yoga instructor and a leather goods artist.

Ֆինանսավորված Adelaide կողմից (October 2016)