I currently run an exhibition space out of my apartment called Vignettes. It exists as a gallery biweekly for one night only exhibitions. I have worked on a number of self funded collaborative pop up exhibitions and this will be the first grant I've ever applied for.

In January 2012 I am looking to curate a light festival in the city of Seattle with artist Susan Robb. It would take place in a large warehouse- I am currently in discussion on what the exact location will be. There are a few options that would be free venues to house a number of art installations for three days.
January 29th is considered one of the hardest days in the year for people who get seasonal affective disorder. In response to this I would like to hold a weekend of light installations by artists from Vancouver, Seattle and Portland to welcome the winter days and the lack of light. I hope to co-curate three days/nights of events/installations open to the public and all ages. Artists involved have yet to be decided upon- If you would like to know the list of artists I am considering this can be included at a later date. Please take a look at the creators page on www.vignettes.us in order to see the list of artists I have worked with already.
Each artist would be asked to create site specific installations in response to what it is like to live in the pacific northwest in the winter. To create a warm, embracing festival to celebrate of all kinds of light. If it is a success it would become an annual festival.

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