Artborne Magazine

Artborne Magazine is an independently published, print and online publication dedicated to the development and advancement of Orlando’s art scene. The monthly magazine features local artists and organizations, and ranges from Q&A’s, essays, reviews, and artists spotlights on the fine arts, music, performance, fashion, and literary worlds.

“Orlando is coming into it’s own, and this magazine is just another example of this city’s role as a leading creative hub” says Jonathan Yubi, Founder and Publisher of Artborne Magazine. Yubi arrived to Orlando in the fall of 2013, and immediately became involved in the arts. “ My first experience was with the Young Artist Group, an educational program sponsored by the Downtown Arts District. I learned then, that this city is committed to developing our creative community, and I hope our Magazine can be a key component in our continued growth.”

Artborne Magazine has garnished the attention of local media outlets, such as the Orlando Weekly

"No growing pains here: Artborne sprang onto the scene fully formed, its design and aesthetic perfectly professional and its insider knowledge of Orlando's art world deep and tasteful. It's the local art magazine we didn't know we needed, but are so glad to welcome."

Artborne Magazine launched inconspicuously via Instagram on April 14, 2016, and with a month before the inaugural issue hits shelves and countertops all over Orlando, Artborne has managed to amass a team of artists, writers, and creatives alike. Matt Duke, local artist, blogger, and radio host, joins the team as a partner and Creative Director, along side Mary McGinn; a notable Orlando writer, poet, and publicist, as Artborne’s contributing editor and writer. Jason Fronczek, a University of Central Florida graduate joins the team as Senior Photographer and Graphic Designer.

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