Black Broadway on U: A Transmedia Project

About the project:

A multimedia (transmedia) activation, Black Broadway on U: Echoes of an Era, featuring a pop-up, live musical tribute with our Pearl Bailey re-enactor and her band as well as interactive, pop-up exhibit wall featuring historical content and vintage set design with memorabilia created by Nomad Yard Collectiv at the 2016 Funk Parade on Saturday, May 7th.

This multimedia activation seeks to bridge DC's Black Broadway on U history with the physical and digital via mobile and/or tablet devices. The pop-up, interactive exhibit will be powered by augmented reality to give our event attendees, an enhanced view of the rich history and cultural legacy of Black Broadway on U, where digital information (content) and interactions are added to this real world environment. Users (event attendees) will unlock this augmented reality experience featuring exclusive Black Broadway on U content (videos, photos, music and data visualizations) by viewing physical triggers with a camera-enabled device, such as a smartphone or tablet via Aurasma app.

The result -- a cost-effective, engaging multimedia activation that inspires curiosity and sparks interest amongst DC area youth and the community at large about the rich history and cultural heritage of DC's Black Broadway on U.

Ֆինանսավորված Washington, DC կողմից (March 2016)