#RIseUp - Sexual Assault Survivor Rights Act

This Tuesday, the US Senate introduced Rise's bill - a Sexual Assault Survivors' Rights Act that protects the civil rights of 25 million survivors across the nation. America leads the world in protecting citizens' rights to liberty and equality, yet our country currently lacks baseline procedures for rape survivors depriving millions of Americans basic liberties. Americans urgently need a comprehensive rights that standardizes the best practices drawing on innovation we've seen implemented across the country.

The Sexual Assault Survivors’ Rights Act draws from legal rights that already exist in patchwork form in different states across the county. It requires steps to ensure that people who have been sexually assaulted have access to a trained sexual assault counselor and comprehensive information about victims’ legal options. For individuals who submit to a rape kit, the bill would give them the right to know the location of the evidence, whether the kit has been tested, and the test results.

The bill guarantees these rights whether or not the person reports the crime to law enforcement or agrees to press charges. It also creates a task force to examine how well the changes are implemented, to include representatives from diverse communities and advocacy backgrounds.

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