MaD Science and Maker Space

In 2014 Callaghan College started to look at ways to address the shortfall in students choosing Science, Math and Engineering subjects in Year 11-12 and in University. They developed an interest elective called MaD Science, which focuses on materials and design through Science and Engineering topics.
Teacher Jivvel Kilham ran one small class in 2014. In 2015 their numbers rose as word spread and they managed to run two small classes with approximately 30 students in total.

In 2016 84 students have chosen the class for Year 8- a huge increase in numbers.

Being at a school in a low socioeconomic area there is a struggle to raise the money to buy materials for this many students. It is surprising how expensive these simple materials are (paddle pop sticks, glue guns,etc).

At the same time the school is attempting to create a Maker Space in their library where students can spend their spare time exploring scientific and engineering concepts.

Another school in Newcastle has come on board and is introducing MaD Science as an elective using Callaghan's resources,

"Anything we can do to keep pushing the awesomeness of science in our schools is a win for me" - Jivvel Kilham

Ֆինանսավորված Newcastle կողմից (January 2016)