Fast Driver Mom at Indy!

I am a woman who grew up in country where it is illegal to drive. But it was always my dream to drive fast. Finally, at the age of 45 I took the plunge. For the past 17 months, I have been developing my skills as a high performance road course track driver.

This morning I received an email about a once-in-a-lifetime event. Literally.
It has never happened before, and according to professionals in the industry, it will likely never recur.

The Mid Ohio Region group of the PorscheClub of America has arranged for club high performance drivers to use the Road Race Course, aka Brickyard at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

When I had first heard about this, there were no openings left, and I had exhausted my annual track budget. But I put my name on the wait list anyway since it was almost certain I would not be picked.

But: I was picked!

Now, I will be driving to West Lafayette, Indiana to drop my son off for the start of his freshman year at the engineering program at Purdue University. After moving him in on August 18th, I will drive to Indianapolis to prepare my race car for club circuit the high performance driving event of my life.

Earlier this year, after nearly crashing my antique Porsche 911 on track, I realized it was too dangerous to continue tracking a stock street car.

After consulting with my friend and mentor Mike James, I realized I had to make a change. Safety being my primary goal, and keeping my costs for maintenance and repairs in check, I decided to buy a Spec Miata race car. This car has the necessary equipment to keep my safe, and is much less expensive to repair and race. But it is not street legal, so I had to purchase a trailer as well. These two purchases have depleted my budget so that now I am in the red.

In addition, this car will force me to become a faster driver: a momentum driver. That will lead me to my ultimate goal one day: getting a club racers license.

My hope is that my dream will inspire women everywhere!

Ֆինանսավորված Awesome Without Borders կողմից (August 2015)