Alliance for Girls in STEM

We are a publisher of picture books that show girls as the main characters in stories with science, technology, engineering, and math themes.
Our target audience is girls from 4-9 years old, with an emphasis on girls from underrepresented minority groups.

By creating a series of children’s books that follow their characters’ interests in astronomy, robotics, marine life, and a host of other topics, we can present STEM subjects to girls as viable career goals and options in an entertaining way. Further, by drawing girls of different ethnicities as the main characters in different series, we can show a wide audience of girls someone who looks like them and who takes an interest in science and the world around them. We therefore will use picture book stories to model the kind of world we want our girls to live in, the world of the future where tech is as natural and necessary as the air we breathe.

Why We Think This is Awesome

AwesomeNYC loves this project because it is a unique approach to tackling the challenges of getting women involved in science and technology, it comes from a place of true passion for change, and the project is just getting kicked off and we're happy to be able to help push it along.

Says Sean, "I volunteered for a coding program with mostly 8th graders, and one of the students said "I've never read a story where a girl built something before." That's why I'm doing this."

Ֆինանսավորված New York City, NY կողմից (July 2015)

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