Simply Music Gateway - Music for Special Needs

We are developing a piano program that teaches special needs children how to play the piano without having to learn how to read music (which is something they typically aren't able to do). Oh, and we are going to give it away for FREE to anyone that wants to use it!

Our unique, adaptive piano program is designed specifically for any child with special needs who thinks differently and needs to learn in a different style. This program simplifies the process of learning by breaking down the steps into tiny increments that are easy, fun and playing-based. This method works because it transforms the issues that prevent a child with special needs from learning in a conventional way.

Simply Music’s Gateway program develops the fine motor skills necessary to progress to more advanced levels, and addresses processing issues and learning differences by focusing on one sensory system at a time.

The Simply Music Gateway program will be an online streaming program designed so that it may be administered by anyone. Simply create an online account and access one of the many guides available to utilize this method.

The best part of this program is that it comes with customized training, support and guidance materials that have been designed specifically for occupational therapists, music therapists or music educators, as well as parents/guardians or care-providers. No extensive background or training in special needs education is necessary. This program was designed specifically to be taught by YOU!

Once production of the program is complete, we will offer access to anyone across the glove that has a child with special needs for FREE. Yes, that's right- FREE!

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