It Takes a Village - Youth Art in the Yard

I would like to have an art in the yard for young school age artists in order for them to display and be proud of their accomplishments. To encourage them to further their exploration of art in their lives.
It would be in the yard of the Ici Arte! Gallery at the corner of Main St. and Davis Dr. so would be very visible. We would set up and decorate the outside previous to and have an area where tea would be served. All of the young artists would be there to talk about their art and to get into the feeling of displaying and being proud of their creations.

Having the townspeople come and see what they have as well as showing interest in young artists would be, I think, very encouraging to them. I think young artists need to be encouraged. Whether it be as a career or as a hobby, art has always been a large part of the human experience.

Ֆինանսավորված Newmarket կողմից (April 2015)