Quilts for Roger's House

The second of May's two Awesome Ottawa awards goes to Sarah Heath, to support the sewing of new quilts for Roger’s House.

Sarah runs a small sewing group, the Hintonburg Sewcial Club, that makes things for local charities while trying to grow the local sewing community. The award will help the club make 10 custom quilts for Roger’s House, a pediatric hospice. “Each treatment bed in their facility is covered with a hand-made quilt,” explains Sarah. “Their current quilts are becoming a little worn out, and we plan to make new ones to replace them. Small things like having a fun quilt on a child’s bed can make a huge difference — maybe making the hospice less clinical or less scary, and possibly a little more like a home away from home.”

Sarah is a public servant, and a mom to two young girls.

Ֆինանսավորված Ottawa կողմից (May 2015)