No Need to Blow the Budget

I would like to see education classes/workshops showing familes that a small income does not have to mean that nutrition has to be lacking in the meals they serve themselves or their family. I believe a lot of families need advice when it comes to shopping on a budget...what to buy for the best value, both monetary and health wise. Low income does not have to be Kraft dinner and cornflakes. There are so many ways to put healthy meals on the table and stay within a very limited buget. Take for example, what a single person could learn if they were guided through the grocery aisles and shown where the bargains were and how to prepare meals from everyday staples that are found there. They could learn that the most important meal of the day could be prepared for less than $2 !! to make a batch of soup that would give dozens of hearty lunches for mere pennies a serving, learn about batch-cooking and take away recipes and ideas that could save them dollars on the food budget.

Ֆինանսավորված Antigonish, NS կողմից (April 2015)