Pop-Up Puppets

You’re a thirty-something grabbing a cold one at the local icehouse, you’re an eighty-three year old regular at the bingo hall, or perhaps a toddler pounding the pavement to day care, when all of the sudden – a puppet show! Pop-Up Puppet transforms totally ordinary locations into one-of-a-kind makeshift Toy Theater parlors. Half Sideshow, half comic book, these paper performances explode into the lives of surprised audiences. Pop-Up Puppet will convert 150 square feet of untraditional performance locations into makeshift miniature theaters, transporting audiences from their mundane errands into a new magical world. The goal of Pop-Up Puppet is to reach audiences who have never seen a live puppet show, and change their perception of puppets forever.

Utilizing projection technology, these toy theater shows will also take on an exciting form of innovation. Armed with a digital video camera, Dorn will glide the camera lens through his toy theater sets and inflate the miniature stories into epic proportions.

So I encourage you to grab a dressed Modelo Especial, transform the ordinary, and watch a puppet show like no other.

Ֆինանսավորված San Antonio, TX կողմից (February 2015)