Frig Off Get Fit Web series

Frig Off Get Fit is a web series that launched November 30, 2014 by Rosemary Curry and Corinne Dunphy. The team uses a blog as its platform and is committed to delivering one episode each month. The idea behind FOGF is about engaging in a healthy lifestyle, exploring what makes our home unique, and having fun in the process.

This project was conceived with community in mind. Rosemary, while frigging off in her natural habitat, came to the realization that she is surrounded by the most beautiful area and the most lovely down to earth people. She wanted to show everyone what makes her home so special. FOGF is primarily meant to target east coasters who are keen about sustaining a healthy lifestyle and an interest in their community. Here you have two women, proud to be born and raised in small town Antigonish. We are enthusiastic and fully committed to the idea of showcasing the rich landscapes, people and talent that constructs the fabric of town.

Fan loyalty is important to us. While we are in the initial stages of this “movement”, we want to make sure we do not lose our viewer’s attention. We believe professional content is at the forefront of returning guests. In addition, we will provide weekly blog posts consisting of anecdotes, fun facts from the activities, behind the scenes photos, etc. It is equally important that we make the blog participatory. As we grow, we will have social media draws for FOGF merch for those who “like”, “share”, and provide us feedback. Using the hashtag #FOGF, we will request that our fans post their own photos. From wearing our merch, to swimming in the sea, to having a chat with one of our guest stars- anything goes! This online presence will shine light on our community of Antigonish.

To gain traction, we will post four episodes in the month of December, followed by one a month in the new year. Working together with local businesses and community initiatives we strive to be promoted through positive feedback and reviews.

Ֆինանսավորված Antigonish, NS կողմից (December 2014)