Garden Project

My project is to re-habilitate the garden area at our school. I got the idea as I was coming to work everyday. I work in a bungalow near the garden area. I was tired of seeing it look so down trodden and unused. I felt like it was our responsibility to take care of and nurture the garden area as a community.

I found out that the area needed a lot of work. I have been recruiting students, parents and other teachers to help form a sustainable community. But we need funding to transform this area. Originally I was using m y own money. This is a daunting task and work/change comes slow if at all.

We received four plots, 48 bags of fresh soil, plants and some gardening tools from the Department of Public Works. But this is not enough. I would speculate that their support has given us five percent (5%) of what is needed to make our garden an sustainable area for our school, students and community.

Recently, I have been chosen by our principal to be the Sustainability Coordinator with the task of making the school garden more sustainable and creating a program fro sustainability where students can participate and create gardening project and commune with nature while learning math, science and health.

This money will go a long way in helping us with renovating the landscape of the area, placing more plots and soil for more student and classroom participation. Currently we have 2000 square feet of gardening area.

Ֆինանսավորված LA South Bay, CA կողմից (December 2014)