Unmanned aerial systems for precision agriculture

When I was growing up, there was never much food in the house. I grew up in a relatively rural area that lacks in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics opportunity, and was diagnosed with a chronic connective tissue disorder at birth; when my father left my family, my mother was crippled with medical bills and other living expenses. I know what it's like to struggle, and I knew when I took an interest in robotics in eighth grade that I had to help others overcome hunger.

By the year 2050, we're projected to need an 80% or higher increase in crop yield to sustain the global population--and even now, there's a hunger crisis going largely unaddressed, especially in developing countries. Though we may be running out of space for more farmland due to our rapidly growing population, we can massively increase the efficiency of existing farms through precision agriculture. One of the most effective methods of precision agriculture can be achieved by utilizing robotics--both on the ground and on land. Blending my experience contracting and subcontracting for NASA and the United States Navy, I've been developing an unmanned aerial system for applications in precision agriculture for over a year now. My system has been shown to increase crop yield up to six times, proving to be business-viable for both small business to enterprise farmers.

I know what it's like to go hungry. I'm working to end the very demon I was burdened with throughout childhood; no one should have to go to bed hungry.

Ֆինանսավորված Philadelphia, PA կողմից (October 2014)