art-hut festival: create in the commons

I am planning a collaborative public art event to take place at the Water St. Commons Sculpture Park in downtown Ypsilanti. This event will simultaneously include both freestanding site-specific art installations as well as collaborative participation and performances by other artists and performers. As such, it will involve both:
a) the fabrication and installation of site-specific environmental artworks
b) the promotion and facilitation of a community-based public art event.

I applied last month with a description of an art installation utilizing jumbo helium balloons to identify artworks spread throughout the site. My plans have since evolved, and now include large fan-inflated sculptures . I have also now modified plans to use large helium balloons to be covered in lightweight fabric, which will be painted by volunteers in the community. I am also planning to provide a stage, amplification, and electricity for performances. I am planning to cover as much as I can of the costs for this event out of pocket, but a grant would provide the funds to significantly expand the scope and impact of the art installations, and make it possible for me to provide materials to potential participants who would otherwise not be able to contribute creatively.

Ֆինանսավորված Ann Arbor, MI կողմից (September 2014)