Mobile Sculpture Workshop

The Mobile Sculpture Workshop, a pilot program of The Industrial Arts Cooperative, is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based summer workshop aimed at demonstrating the techniques of safe and proper welding and metal fabrication while producing a large-scale sculpture for public display. This program is an effort to inspire the youth of Hazelwood and its neighbors with an opportunity of design, conception and completion of public art.

At the end of the workshop, student apprentices (Pittsburgh-area high school youth, grades 9-12) will:

Know the basic fundamentals and terminology of welding and metal fabrication, including safety procedures, welding preparation, operation of a welding power supply, basic horizontal/vertical welding, torch cutting, and the bending/shaping of metal.

Learn and exhibit the imagination and design knowledge necessary to conceive a large-scale piece of public art.

Be able to efficiently work within a team and recognize the importance of organizational cohesion.

Understand the history of welding and sculpture, and what it means to the community and beyond.

Ֆինանսավորված Pittsburgh, PA կողմից (July 2014)