Guerrilla Gardening

Ok, well as you know the government has been spending a pretty penny in what they like to call the 'yerevan beautification project' where much of the money has disappeared and a lot of the actually realised projects would fit the textbook definitions of 'kitch' and 'rabiz'. In many cases, gardens are very ugly, badly planted, then either not watered or watered so much that they choke, and instead of having a beautiful garden city, we are left with mud lakes.

Furthermore, the dust and soot from increased pollution has meant that our once 'pink city' has reverted to a 'grey city'.

Our project involves getting a number of volunteers with some gardening experience to wear balaclavas, and secretly plant beautiful, sustainable gardens in some of the worst affected parts of town. furthermore, we would like to purchase a pressurised water gun in order to clean some of the buildings, again during the night, as well as to use our ninja stealth to pick up garbage so that when the townsfolk wake up in the morning, they will be amazed at how grassroots activism can turn their habitations into beautiful living spaces overnight.

Ֆինանսավորված Yerevan կողմից (July 2014)