Massive Break Challenge, Breakdance League

My awesome project is called Massive Break Challenge Grand Finale.
It's the official school vs school breakdance league for middle school and high school students.

If basketball, baseball, football and soccer can have their league, why not breakdancing.

Throughout this year we've had 3 Massive Break Challenge battles and we are now going into our grand finale. This will be our 4th year doing the grand finale at the Bagley Wrights theatre in Seattle, which holds 800 seats. The event is entirely FREE for everyone.

In the competition there will be a 1 vs 1, 3 vs 3, Iron leg battle (a contest on footwork endurance) and school vs school.

This year we will have over 90 students participating from 15 different schools.
Teachers, families, students and friends will have the chance to cheer on their dancers!

Massive Break Challenge prelims:

Massive Break Challenge 2013:

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Our group Massive Monkees:

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