Planned Parenthood Young Leaders

PPYL seeks to enhance PPHI’s Community Outreach Program through a unique, technology-based condom access campaign called “Where Did You Wear It?” This campaign seeks to normalize and celebrate safe sex while promoting PPHI’s low and no-cost healthcare services to young people on Oahu. This project will have an impact on a population that is critically in need of better reproductive health and education. According to a 2007 study, only 54% of high school students in Hawaii report using condoms during their last intercourse–the lowest percentage of any state. This attitude has consequences; for example, Hawaii has the 10th highest teen (15-19) pregnancy rate and the 6th worst chlamydia rate in the U.S.
Our proposed project centers on a website, which has already been created by Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest, where people can check-in when they use special “Where Did You Wear It?” condoms that have a sticker with the web address. On the website, people can enter where they used the condom as well as some information about themselves, their partner, and their use of contraceptives. Privacy is protected by not disclosing the exact location of the check-in. Since its launch, the site has seen 235,000 visitors worldwide.
Condom distribution will occur during events popular with young adults, such as First Friday, as well as during health fairs and community events. At the community events, volunteers will provide both the “Wear Did You Wear It?” condoms and PPHI information packets, which include a coupon for 10 free condoms at a PPHI clinic.
Anticipated results of this program include an increase in the number of Hawaii check-ins on the website as well as an increase in the number of young adults visiting PPHI health centers. PPHI will track visits to their health centers by those using the condom coupons and the Hawaii check-ins on the website.
With your assistance, PPYL believes it can positively impact the sexual health and behavior of Oahu’s youth.

Ֆինանսավորված Oahu, HI կողմից (May 2014)