Cinderella Story of Sarnia Lambton

In 2009, I started the Cinderella Story. It came from a friend needing a prom dress for their daughter. I made a few phone calls and voila, she attended her prom and looked like a princess. I believe every young lady has the right to experience this regardless of income or social status. We collect donations of prom dress all year long and once a year, for 2 days, we hold a Prom Dress Boutique. A shopping spree for free! Girls register and are assigned a volunteer personal shopper. Together they find a beautiful dress, they can get a mini makeover, have their photos done by a professional photographer and attend their year-end celebrations as an equal among their peers.

There are a few ladies from 2010 and 2011 who still email me and keep me updated on their lives reminding me of what a difference we made to them. I remind them, what an impact they have had on our lives as well. They don't see it, but all our volunteers do.

Ֆինանսավորված Sarnia կողմից (May 2014)