Thrift Store: The Musical

Our initial submission has all of the project details. Here are some of the characters appearing in the show:

SALLY SWANSON, middle-aged, ambitious thrift store manager. She's lost it all in the "great recession" and needs to get back on her feet. Down but not out, this may be her last chance.

FATHER PAUL, older gentleman, kind, thoughtful, wise, has a twinkle in his eye. He's got a flock to take care of and he's way too creative to follow the strict doctrine of the church.

RHONDA, the psychic hair-dresser who comes to volunteer at the thrift store. Heartbroken and desperate for love, she's middle-aged, flamboyant and overly-dramatic but playful enough to see her own foibles.

CLAIRE: A young (teenage) homeless girl who lives in the park just outside the doors of the thrift store. She deserves a better life and is offered a chance to work at the store.

FRANCESCO ANTONIO PADOVA, an Italian clothing designer, a distinguished gentleman, suave and debonair. He has a eye for fashion and for the ladies -- and he wants both.

BRENDA BATTLEAXE, Sally's nemesis and former business partner. She's nasty, pushy and boisterous and she means business. She's about to open a competitive big box thrift outlet right across the street.

FIFI LA FONG, THE FASHIONISTA: a young, stylish, cyber chic, attached to her cell phone and to her identity as one of Honolulu's top fashion bloggers. Where ever Fifi goes she is sure to cause a stir.

HENRY, neurotic, quirky and outrageous, he's a hoarder who tries to donate his things. His family has done an intervention and he’s in recovery, but his shopping addiction continues.

SUSTAINABLE SAM, a young, non-GMO, organic environmentalist and activist. Dedicated to the cause. Reuses and recycles everything, a fix it man with a plan.

EVE, Bohemian artist, alternative, Generation Y, about mid-twenties. She’s looking for her Burning Man costume and is a street performer.

Ֆինանսավորված Oahu, HI կողմից (January 2014)