For this project we would like to put in place several public ping pong tables in downtown. They will be semi permanent and will hopefully be a catalyst for the city to provide more interactive games and art. Ping pong tables are not only fun for playing ping pong and beer pong but they are a hub for social interaction. They bring extreme amounts of activity to a space and can be used for eating on, playing board games or cards or just sitting around during lunch break at work and talking. We would like to not only provide downtown with several ping pong tables, but also host an event to launch them and get the word out. So the big question is how does one keep the paddles in balls out for people to use. Well the paddles and balls will be held in the surrounding stores where one can enter pay a deposit and get the paddle and balls and on return they get their money back. Positive for the store is they get people inside their store and it becomes easy advertisement. So not only are these tables providing a hub for activity in downtown, but also providing activity within the local stores. The location we are planning on putting the tables would be Gas light park which is right in the hub of downtown and lacks in all aspects of activity.

Ֆինանսավորված Tampa Bay, FL կողմից (May 2014)