Open Arms

Open Arms is a project born of love and service. Central Texas Birth Center's staff has been serving Central Texas and surrounding for almost three years now, and have poured their lives into countless women and their families in immeasurable ways. This project seeks to give care to low income families who receive health care coverage through Medicaid. Midwifery care is a whole-family, wellness-based approach to pregnancy, birth, and childbearing years. The Open Arms program will have a dedicated team of midwives, students, and staff trained to cater to the needs of the families in the program. Whether it be education on the best carseat for the lowest price or a how to cook healthy on a budget, the families in Open Arms will be loved and supported throughout their journey just as every other CTBC family is. Prenatal care will be based on the Centering Pregnancy approach, whereby prenatal visits are group centered so that families may learn from each other. Expectant mothers (and dads too!) meet once a month with the other mothers that are due in the same month. Midwives will lead discussion on a different subject each month, and at the end of the meeting each mother has a “belly check” where she has private time with a midwife to discuss her concerns and ask questions, as well as check in on baby. Centering Pregnancy has been proven to lower the rates of preterm labor, lower incidences of emergency room visits during pregnancy, and increase overall satisfaction with the prenatal and birth experience.

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