Multi-generational Community Engagement Screening

I am leading my students analyze the practice, business, and curation of independent film through a free screening of the critically acclaimed independent feature An Oversimplification of Her Beauty (2013). The screening will take place in Chicago's underserved Woodlawn neighborhood. Seniors, high school students and young professionals are the intended audience. Documenting the entire process will illustrate the impact art and multi-generational engagement. I am excited at the possibilities of this innovative art program.

Redefine the traditional approach to the film screening, video art and communal dining will cultivating a space for multi-generational community engagement. Prior to the screening, student produced video art inspired by the film's universal central themes of lust and love will engage patrons during dining. After the screening the Filmmaker has expressed the desire to discuss his work.

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to view the film at a festival, and I have been excited to share the experience. Elvis Mittchell, the host-producer KCRW radio program The Treatment interviewed the filmmaker Terence Nance stated “Things that I think is still, trap for black cinema you like independent cinema is it has to be on some well aspirational and this film is not in any and any conventional way.” An Oversimplification of Her Beauty (2013) is a highly creative, modern, intelligent and deeply vulnerable romantic comedy. The filmmaker approaches his perspective of love and lust with multimedia collages, and copious subtitles and inter-titles. Many films that detour from traditional cinematic structure rarely get the exposure they deserve and are considered unapproachable. The universal themes will prompt a lively multi-generational discourse and engagement. Student curation will further students with real-world experience and build an authentic perspective of independent film exhibition and community engagement.

Ֆինանսավորված Chicago, IL կողմից (February 2014)