Distance 2

Distance Music takes advantage of the delay caused by the speed of sound over distance by placing sound sources far away from the audience. "inSPIRE for 22 Brass, Carillons, C Bell and Distance" used twelve distinct rooftop and lake locations in downtown Orlando and proved the viability and audience appeal of the concept.

See: http://www.keithlay.com/works/inspire_for_22_brass_c_bell_ca.html

Distance II asks the audience members to walk along a paved path around downtown Orlando's Lake Eola during the performance. The music's sound sources comprise of machines, called "sounders," and live musicians. The sounders are air-driven diaphone horns tuned to the C major scale. Three brass choirs will be stationed high above on nearby roofs of buildings. Distance II will also include two improvising musicians.

The work will consist of three movements, each 5-7 minutes in duration.

Each sounder will be controlled by a solenoid valve actuated via Zigbee two-way radio, in turn controlled by a music sequence composed in Max6 software. When the sounders play their notes simultaneously audiences at the east deck will hear an upward musical scale because the first notes of the scale will be closest and the highest notes placed farthest. The west deck will hear the very same event as a downward moving scale because of the opposite distance relationships. The composition will be designed to make it easy for the audience to understand why their changing of position creates a new musical result depending upon their coordinates.

The three brass choirs will read standard notation and will synchronize their timing in three ways:
Synchronize by metronome click over two-way radio.
Synchronize by listening to the other groups.
Synchronize by using the regular pulse of the sounders below

Distance 2 is music which makes the speed of sound tangible. The audience will be able to control their experience.

Ֆինանսավորված Orlando, FL կողմից (December 2013)