Queer Places

Queer Places is a creative archiving project celebrating the vibrant, humble and sometimes filthy LGBTQ+ spaces of Liverpool's past, present and future. Using personal memories, photographs and records, we hope to collect and share some of the fascinating tales of Liverpool’s LGBTQ+ spaces - shedding light on the people and their selfless resistance that made these places possible. 

An exciting part of the project is re-modelling historic LGBTQ+ venues, where artist Luke Fawcett creates vibrant 3D models, digital experiences and illustrations, uncovering new ways to experience ephemeral queer heritage. 

As part of the 2023 Homotopia Festival, the Queer Places project launch sold out, with over 75 FREE copies of the project guide joining personal and community libraries across the city and afar. The encouragement, feedback and growing research that blossomed since the project launch has led to the next step, with an exhibition displaying the artwork, research and local community stories over Liverpool Pride Month (July) until November 2024. 

Supported by Unit3 Design Studio - an LGBTQ+ owned design studio based in Liverpool - Queer Places is exhibiting within their Baltic Triangle venue, offering an exciting opportunity to learn about the project whilst also calling out for more personal stories to be added to the growing LGBTQ+ archive. 

Ֆինանսավորված Liverpool կողմից (April 2024)