Kupu Ka Niu, Kupu Ke Kanaka

The project aims to leverage the successful initiation of a planting event as a foundation for cultivating deeper connections within our community and among our keiki. By engaging in the restoration of our coconut tree groves, participants will not only contribute to environmental conservation but also build a strong communal bond, rooted in the shared purpose of nurturing the land that sustains us.When we heal the coconut groves, we heal ourselves. We connect back to the Tree of Life, the Niu.
With city approval, weʻll reforest coconut tree groves, reinforcing the cultural and environmental significance of the coconut tree in our community.
To foster a sense of unity and shared purpose among volunteers, enhancing community bonds and inclusivity.
To promote environmental stewardship and empathy through hands-on involvement in mitigating the CRB.
To inspire ongoing volunteer engagement by demonstrating the tangible impact of their contributions.
The coconut tree holds profound cultural and ecological importance in our community, symbolized by the adage "Kupu Ka niu, kupu ke kanaka." Through the act of reforesting, volunteers not only participate in ecological preservation but also in the reaffirmation of our cultural identity. This project seeks to build a bridge between cultural heritage and environmental responsibility, encouraging a collective effort towards sustainability and community resilience.

Strengthened community relationships through shared activities and goals.
Increased awareness and participation in environmental conservation efforts.
A culture of empathy, inclusiveness, and kindness, fostered by a common commitment to land stewardship.
By restoring coconut tree groves, our project aims to create a lasting impact on both the environment and the fabric of our community. We believe that through collective action, proper education we can over come the infestation of our old kupuna trees from the CRB.

Ֆինանսավորված Oahu, HI կողմից (May 2024)