Glasgow Menopause Social

Currently, there are no menopause support groups in the G13/G14 area. We would like to offer a Menopause Social for a 10 week block.
The area around Whiteinch Community Centre is among the poorest in the city. Women, in particular women from the BAME community, do not talk openly about menstrual health because of cultural taboos. Profound poverty can also lead to social isolation. We would like to encourage participation and build connections between women of all backgrounds, cultures and faiths as this something that connects us all.
In sharing experiences, symptoms and treatments women will be able to share how they were supported by their healthcare provider, encouraging other women to seek support. In our experience we have found that many women do not even consider that their symptoms or poor health might be related to peri-menopause or menopause and often symptoms can be easily treated with HRT.
We make it clear that we are not offering medical advice and that we only signpost and offer support to women who don't have the confidence to advocate on their own behalf.
Providing women with a safe space, in a supportive atmosphere where we can talk and provide refreshments, will help build connections withing and between communities.

Ֆինանսավորված Glasgow կողմից (March 2024)