Cornell Community Iftaar

Cornell Public School, in collaboration with the Cornell Parent Council, is holding its second annual community iftaar on March 28, 2024. Open to all students' and their families, our community comes together for "iftaar", a meal which marks the breaking of the fast during Ramadan, a holy of month of fasting for Muslims.

Our school has a high population of Muslim students, and we feel it is important that our students feel connected to their school community, and see themselves reflected in the experiences and events held at Cornell. Our school also serves a high population of low-income families, many of whom are refugees or new immigrants.

We work hard to offer this event free of charge for students and their families so that it is accessible to all. Last year we held our first ever iftaar which serviced 800 attendees. Students and their families enjoyed a hot meal, refreshments, and motivating speeches by community leaders, politicians, and educators. This year we hope to continue the tradition of holding a community iftaar, bringing together our Cornell families in joy and belonging.

Ֆինանսավորված Toronto կողմից (February 2024)