Young First Aiders

Our ambition is to provide serious first aid training to children and young people who have parents, siblings or loved ones with serious health conditions or long term health conditions. This will ensure the best chance for our young Carers and families to get help when it may be needed and confidence to know what to do, despite their age. The 2011 Census identified 177,918 young carers in England and Wales. One in eight of those were aged under eight; we know that these figures are much higher now, especially with people living longer and with more complex health issues.

Our young people are little heroes, we know they often help in a crisis and know what to do. This training will encourage safe practice and enable us to empower our children and young with the correct tools to help the wider community. We would use this budget to provide training for us to 25 identified young people who's family member have complex needs or if they have a medical condition themselves.

Ֆինանսավորված Liverpool կողմից (January 2024)