2nd Grade Field Trip to the MN History Museum!

AwesomeStPaul is thrilled to be sending 52 second grade students at Expo Elementary School to the Minnesota History Museum this winter as part of their studies about the Anishinaabe Peoples. Congratulations to our Januuary 2024 grant recipient!

Teacher Emily Storms explained, "I'm a 2nd grade teacher at Expo Elementary in St. Paul Public Schools! We have 52 second grade students who are learning about the Anishinaabe peoples and would love to incorporate a visit to the Anishinaabe exhibit at the MN History Museum into this unit. The cost of the museum entrance is $10 per student, and then the cost of the bus to and from the field is about $10 more per student. $20 per student makes this field trip prohibitively expensive for many of our families, so $1,000 would go a long way towards making sure all students are able to access this field trip!"

Ֆինանսավորված St. Paul, MN կողմից (January 2024)