Healthy Food, Healthy Minds

At Sir William Mulock Secondary School, we strive to equip all of our students with the solid foundation they need to be successful in school and life. Knowing that many of our students come to school without eating breakfast each day, we are now offering a healthy snack program serving our 1300 students every day. In fact, we serve approximately 300 meals a day, many of these students from underserved communities. As a school community that does our best to foster a strong and supportive learning environment, we want to ensure that hunger is not a barrier to our student’s success.

Studies indicate that a healthy breakfast positively influences student health and academic achievement. When students attend school on an empty stomach, their energy levels, problem solving skills, creativity, concentration and behavior are negatively impacted. As a result of coming to school hungry, these students may not meet their full potential. Having access to a healthy snack program at school does more than fulfill a basic need. The Healthy Snack program introduces students to new fruits and vegetables, promotes the development of lifelong healthy living habits, teaches students leadership and life skills and fosters a safe and supportive school environment. The benefits from this program are felt in the classroom, at home, and ultimately, in our communities.
In addition to feeding healthy bodies, our program supports learning in our broader school community. Students from our Community Classes, students with physical, social and learning challenges, help deliver food to school locations and help portion food into individual servings. This opportunity is integral in learning life and workplace skills and having positive social interactions.

Ֆինանսավորված Newmarket կողմից (December 2023)