Stephen Leacock - ASD Student Athletics/Leadership

Stephen Leacock Collegiate Institute in Scarborough is home to a program for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD). We plan for the grade 12 leadership class to pair with the students in the ASD program for a program called 'Friday Buddies'.

Every Friday the leadership students will plan activities for the students in the ASD program. The activities will cover a broad spectrum, from team building, to creating social connections, to athletic training.

As students feel more comfortable with each other, we will move to athletic training, with the end goal of getting our Friday Buddies ready for the TDSB Barrier Free Track and Field meet in June 2024. This is an event for students with various exceptionalities(e.g. intellectual disability, physical disability).

It is a day of pure joy and this funding could allow us to help the Leacock students have a day they'll never forget. We have many new students in our program and I would like them to experience the joy that this day brings.

Ֆինանսավորված Toronto կողմից (December 2023)