TriLingua Cinema's Freedom Library Fridays!

We are proud to announce that TriLingua Cinema is our 23rd $1,000 grant recipient. Our selection was based on AwesomeStPaul's core value of bringing our community together through shared enrichment activities and projects. Check out Trilingua Cinema's website at
for its movie schedule, and plan to attend one or more of their screenings at the East Side Freedom Library this winter.

TriLingua Cinema is a passionate group of East Side Saint Paul volunteer organizers trying to create a low cost multilingual, multicultural movie theater here on the East Side. Our name refers to the three major languages spoken in East Side neighborhoods: English, Spanish, and Hmong. For the last four years we have been screening free films in these languages for our friends and neighbors. We started out small but now have three co-directors and more than 10 volunteers. This summer alone we have shown 10 free films on our giant inflatable screen at East Side Sculpture Park (and have given away over 500 free hot dogs!). Lately, our screenings have been drawing more than 100 movie lovers per event. This winter we have the opportunity to continue screening films in the basement of East Side Freedom Library. However, we have a problem: our big inflatable screen won't fit inside the library and would be too noisy to run in there anyway. We need to buy a large, foldable screen instead (and some nice black drapes to make things look fancy). Unfortunately, we just don't have the money to do this... but that's where you come in!

Ֆինանսավորված St. Paul, MN կողմից (October 2023)