Movimento in Absentia

Movimento in Absentia

Public art installation/ mechanical performance

In light of recent global protests, Movimento in Absentia presents deconstructed power struggles to the greater public in a form that is stripped of ideology and is focused on the essence of recent and historic struggles that define society. Not only political or apolitical movements, but the struggle of all human relationships.

The piece sets 12-16 old cassette tape players against each other (6 v. 6, etc.) to carry out a coordinated argument based only on the phrases “Queremos isto!” and “Não vamos dar isto a vocês!” The audio will be coordinated in a way that the argument grows in intensity on each side (at first each tape recorder “speaking” alone until all the voices combine) and the demands of each side finally change to their opposites. The demand for recognition or power, the “this” or “that”, is finally reversed.

This piece can be set up all over Rio, all over Brazil, the world. The Arcos da Lapa and Praca Tiradentes are just a few initial locations. The installation will be mobile and can be staged all over the city, presenting people with a new way to think about their own struggles and greater arguments that are now happening in Brazil and around the world.

Ֆինանսավորված Rio de Janeiro կողմից (October 2013)