2023 Liberty Street Throwback Block Party

Newburgh has been hosting the Illuminated Festival as cultural event for several years. It was suspended during COVID and resurrected last year. In 2023, the organizers and the municipality were unable to find common ground and the festival will not occur this year, much to the chagin of local residents and small businesses who depend on this event.

The local business community has come together to host a miniature version of the festival in an attempt to provide continuity and an event around which to rally. We plan to invite local businesses to participate as vendors, schedule youth programing, and provide a small stage for entertainment. This will also coincide with the grand opening of a new business on Liberty Street which we hope will serve as a spring board for them.

We hope to have a traditional block party feel at the center of our great city for residents and visitors to enjoy a pedestrian only Liberty Street.

Ֆինանսավորված Newburgh, NY կողմից (June 2023)