Food Cents Cook books

Our team discovered through a survey at one of our local food banks that patrons often ended up giving away components of their food hampers or not using the items because they did not know how to cook or use the food given to them. Our solution was simple; we would design a cookbook to better help them with this discouraging issue. We recruited the help of a local Journeyman Chef with over 35 years experience to assist with the compilation of this very important book. The design idea behind this cookbook is to incorporate the typical contents of the food hampers and form them into nutritious and tasty meals that anyone would love, including children. According to Food banks Canada, there has been a 30.6% increase in usage of community food banks Canada-wide from 2008-2012. Last year alone, 851,014 people accessed their local food banks for assistance, with an alarming 38% of those being children (Hunger Count, 2012). Our mission is to help make the hamper recipient’s and their families lives a little easier through the design of this version of the cookbook.

Ֆինանսավորված Kingston կողմից (July 2013)