Black Nurse Network Summer Service Project

Black Nurse Network Pittsburgh (BNN) has been changing the landscape for minority nurses for the past six years. With a focus in education, service, and networking, we exist to collaborate with minority nursing professionals in the hopes of transforming healthcare for all residents in Pittsburgh.

For summer 2023, our organization will provide free health screenings/exams and supplies to 100 individuals in need throughout the city. We wish to specifically focus on the homeless population in addition to individuals in five strategic neighborhoods throughout the city. A basic assessment will be completed which includes blood pressure screenings, an overall health assessment including vitals, and distribution of a small care package that contains products such as hygiene supplies, information leaflets, feminine products, and first aid materials.

Teams of 10+ minority nurses and nursing students will split up across the city on a weekend afternoon to provide the services and take care of the distribution of supplies. To transform our communities, we have to do the work in our communities. Those we serve may not be eager to make an appointment to receive simple health checks, so we as professionals are deciding to bring it to them.

Ֆինանսավորված Pittsburgh, PA կողմից (April 2023)