School Butterfly Garden

A main goal of this project is to create wonderful butterfly gardens that establish habitats and food for pollinators like butterflies and bees across a large area. This will allow students to play a bigger part in the role we all take in the preservation of things in nature. It'll also allow them to get their hands a little dirty. Hands on learning seems to often be a lost art with the structured course of the education system.
Additionally, this will most definitely serve as an educational resource all students. We will be able to closely study the life cycle of the butterflies and take extensive notes. This will help us tie in important educational standards with hands on learning. We will also have the opportunity to make theories, investigate and build our understanding of earth science,.
Another great goal of this project is to further the feeling of school community. All students will have the opportunity to take part in this fantastically enriching project and will feel impacted by its success. They will have the opportunity to pick everything from the type of netting to the species of butterfly they'd like to inhabit the space. This is important because often times projects are centralized around a specific grade level. This is very inclusive and will bring joy to many students with different interests and strengths.
We often do not realize the impact we have on nature and our environment, although its success is vital to all of us. Nature awareness will help our planet now and for a long time after the project is completed. When the butterfly population flourishes, future years will see affects of the breeding.
One of the greatest things about this project is that it will not be a one time project, but one that is able to be continued each year. It will truly be a gift that keeps on giving. Imagine all of the young minds who'll be positively affected by this wonderful project. Please give us the opportunity to fly!

Ֆինանսավորված Orlando, FL կողմից (February 2023)