Friendship Park Asphalt Art Project

The Bloomfield Development Corporation will partner with artists to create a community-inspired design on an asphalt art project. Community members will be involved throughout the planning and design process. The final artwork will be installed along Friendship Park, where it is currently unsafe for crossing pedestrians, and illegal parking is common. The artwork is intended to improve the visibility of pedestrians, slow car traffic, and beautify the neighborhood. The final artwork will occupy two spaces of approximately 200 square feet each.

Being located at a neighborhood park, a major component of the project has been focused on educating community members about the diversity of plant and animal species in our very urban neighborhood parks. In 2022 we were able to host two eco-literacy walks focused on trees and birds to help generate ideas for community-submitted drawings that were incorporated into the artwork design.

After hosting the additional eco-literacy walks and reengaging the community, the project will culminate in the final installation of the asphalt art with community members being invited to participate in painting the street.

Ֆինանսավորված Pittsburgh, PA կողմից (February 2023)