The 39 Steps: A Live Radio Play

The 39 Steps: A Live Radio Play is the second of the productions in Georgetown Theatre Workshop's 2022-2023 production season.

Inspired by Hitchcock's classic tale and performed as a live radio play, this romantic thriller is a fast-paced ride through the signature world of the Master of Suspense. Perfect for anyone who enjoys a page-turning mystery, a fast-paced thriller, or a good murder podcast.

The story: Richard Hannay is visiting 1930's London when he meets Annabella Smith, who is on the run from foreign agents, after a disturbance at a music hall. Later that night, Annabella is murdered and Hannay must then try to break the spy ring and prove his innocence. From an epic train chase to a feisty love interest, Hannay has his work cut out for him as he searches for the truth about The 39 Steps

Ֆինանսավորված Georgetown, MA կողմից (April 2023)